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6 fun and healthy uses for your spiraliser

6 fun and healthy uses for your spiraliser

If you thought spiralisers were just for zucchini noodles (or zoodles if you will), think again. This little gadget is so clever it can add some pizzazz to your soup or stir-fry, your Christmas cocktail, and even your baking. Read on to find out what else you can be doing with your spiraliser.

1. Crisp colourful salads

A great salad has a variety of textures, and this is where your spiraliser can really shine. Add curls of beetroot, carrot or even red capsicum for a nutritious and crispy addition to the usual.

2. Veggie packed muffins 

If you normally make a berry or chocolate muffin, expand your repertoire by using your spiraliser. Curls of carrot or zucchini blend perfectly to make a carrot cake or a zucchini chocolate muffin.

3. Asian style noodles and stir fries

Instead of reaching for the noodles or rice to add to your Asian style meals, think spiralised carrots or zucchini instead.

4. Crispy fries

For something really different, use your spiraliser to make some seriously crisp fries. Use white potato or even sweet potato (skin on) and then toss in a little oil and bake in the oven until golden.

5. Extra veggie soup

Many soups recommend adding some pasta but you can just use your spiraliser to add another hit of veggies instead. Think chicken noodle soup with some carrot noodles; or a zucchini noodle in your Minestrone.

6. Punchier punch

This festive season you can offer guests some non-traditional punch or sangria. Instead of plopping in some grapes or quartered strawberries, try curls of apple and pear, or even cucumber.

Have we missed any great ideas? We would love to hear what you use your spiraliser for in the comments.

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