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How to clean your bathroom like a professional

How to clean your bathroom like a professional

A luxe bathroom, no matter what its state, starts with cleanliness. Sparkling tiles, a pristine shower and gleaming glass make for a five-star bathing experience every time. Give yours some love and the professional treatment with these easy DIY tips, tricks and cleaning solutions.

1. Steam clean

Give your bathroom a deep cleansing treatment, spraying your tiles, bench tops and walls with a solution of one-part white vinegar and one-part water, then turn your shower taps on to hot and shut the door. Let your bathroom steam for a few minutes before wiping your surfaces down with a lint-free cloth. For a streak-free finish use a squeegee on any glass surfaces including shower recess and mirrors.

2. Shortcut to instant luxe

“I love an all-white bathroom,” says Carmel Gardiner, Principal at Abel McGrath the Property People in Perth. “It’s classic, doesn’t date and always looks luxurious. Pristine white towels and a lush green fern in a beautiful pot, always make any bathroom instantly radiant and welcoming.” Nothing is uglier than an unclean white towel so be sure to keep your towels on high rotation, replacing with clean ones every few days.

Edit your collection of bathroom essentials, tossing out cumbersome boxes and plastic packaging, and instead store your basics, like cotton swabs and buds, in glass canisters and arrange on top of your vanity within easy reach. “Keep the bench top clear of too many items,” agrees Gardiner. “Maybe a bottle of perfume, your pretty glass canisters and beautifully packaged hand wash to add a luxurious feel. A bathroom should feel like a retreat for you to enjoy, so keep it very minimal.”

3. Camouflage scuffmarks

How you remove scuffmarks from painted walls is dependent on the type of stain you are treating. “It’s important to use a product that won’t damage your paint or the wall,” agrees Gardiner.

Water-based stains like wine or dead mosquitos may only require a damp cloth for removal. Oil-based stains however, like cosmetics or cooking grease, can require a little more grunt – a sponge dipped in diluted dishwashing liquid, or for more hard core marks, sugar soap (available from hardware stores) is effective.

4. Spotless shower

For a pristine shower curtain, simply put through the washing machine with a cup of white vinegar or baking soda, and hang on the line to dry. A top loader machine can be rough on some fabrics so include a white towel to protect the curtain. Meanwhile, fill a plastic bag with white vinegar and immerse your showerhead nozzle, securing it in place for an overnight deep clean. Remove in morning and rinse well. For mould-free taps, use dental floss to reach hard to clean areas, before spritzing with vinegar and rinsing in warm water.

5. Grot-free grout

Dirt trapped between tiles can cause an ugly build-up and is vulnerable to bacteria growth. Once the grime has set in over time, it can be challenging to remove.

Whilst bleach cleaners are effective and hygienic, a healthier option is to make up your own cleaning paste using baking soda and water and work it into the grout using an old toothbrush. Spritz with your one-part white vinegar and one-part water solution, so that it froths up, and then brush away the build-up with ease. Finish with a rinse of clean, warm water for best results.

Maintain its spotlessness, by sealing grout every six months to keep moisture-free. Keep a spray bottle of the vinegar and water solution in your shower, spritzing your tiles daily to keep grime-free.

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