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Woman’s sweet Bunnings snag goes viral

Woman’s sweet Bunnings snag goes viral

An Aussie cake artist has paid tribute to the iconic Bunnings sausage sandwich in the sweetest way.

Hailing from Melbourne, Tigga Maccormack shares elaborate dessert designs with her 510,000 followers on TikTok.

In her latest video, Tigga shows her followers how she made a sweet version of the Bunnings snag, stunning viewers with its realism.

Image: tigga_mac / TikTok

Creating the bread from a square vanilla buttercream cake, Tigga showed how she gave the cake its bread shape with glasses and spatulas.

“I then sliced off the crust and sliced it in half, then you’ve got two pieces of bread - but it’s cake,” she said in the clip.

Next, Tigga created the snag with a piece of chocolate mud cake that was “kind of squished and rolled into a sausage”.

Image: tigga_mac / TikTok

“Then I got some brown fondant and I put my ‘sausage’ in the fondant and rolled it up, smoothed it all out,” she said.

“Then I got my little baby torch and I torched the crap out of it.”

Finally, Tigga piled on the toppings, including some sauce and fried onions.

“Once my snag was done I put it on the cake bread and we actually fried some apple in sugar for our onions,” Tigga said.

Tigga topped the snag with red buttercream icing disguised as ‘tomato sauce’ and drizzled on top from an old sauce bottle.

Image: tigga_mac / TikTok

The video has been viewed 1.4 million times and received more than 1500 comments, with many unable to believe it wasn’t a real snag.

“But why does it look so real? I swear my brain wouldn’t be able to let me eat it. It would be so confused,” one person wrote.

“That’s genius,” another said.

Others joked that Tigga’s snag wouldn’t meet Bunnings’ safety standards, with the hardware giant introducing a rule that onions had to go underneath the sausage to avoid them falling out of the bread to prevent customers from slipping..

“Onions on the BOTTOM. Have the Bunnings accidents taught you nothing,” one person joked.

Image: tigga_mac / TikTok

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