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Woman’s “life changing” hack that will keep avocados fresh for days

Woman’s “life changing” hack that will keep avocados fresh for days

Avocados are a necessity throughout many people’s diets, but while the delicious super fruit makes for a great lunchtime option, it tends to go brown in a day or two, making it difficult to store.

But one clever woman has revealed a nifty hack that is not only simple but will keep avocados fresh for days on end – and it only involves a small amount of coconut oil.

Is there anything the multi-tasking oil can’t do? Apparently not, as it seems that brushing on some melted coconut oil onto the flesh of an avocado will preserve it and keep it from turning brown.

Meaning, you can consume the fruit well after you cut it open rather than the standard few hours.

“Brush melted coconut oil over your avocado to keep it sealed,” posted the woman on Facebook.

“The little bit of browning was already there before I sealed it,” she said referring to the photo of an avocado that accompanied the hack.

The trick has garnered plenty of praise as avocado lovers around the country have found a sure-fire way to preserve their favourite fruit.

One person titled the method as “life changing”.

But why does it work?

Avocados contain an enzyme called polyphenol oxidase, which once exposed to air, the enzyme oxidises and causes the fruit to turn brown.

The coconut oil acts as a barrier and prevents air from reaching the flesh, meaning no oxidisation.

Will you be trying out this clever hack next time you cut up an avocado? Let us know in the comments below.