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“What a monster”: Mum shocks the internet with bizarre habit

“What a monster”: Mum shocks the internet with bizarre habit

A woman has stirred the Internet into a frenzy over her mother’s bizarre ice cream habit

“My mom always eats the chocolate and puts it back in the freezer like that,” the woman captioned an image.

The picture shows a magnum ice cream with the chocolate shell eaten off and the vanilla ice cream still on the stick.

Ice cream addicts took to the comments to call out the mother’s crazy habit.

“She’s a monster,” one person joked, with another adding: “I refuse to believe this is real”.

“Run away and disown her,” a person said, while another called the move “gross”.

The woman cleared up any confusion saying her mum only carries out the weird habit about once a month and "leaves the vanilla part for my dad to eat".

“Does she know she can buy chocolate that isn't attached to ice cream and eat that,” a person commented.

“Also - if it’s the weird sort of chocolate that comes on ice cream bars that she is into specifically, and not just chocolate in general, you can buy that at the grocery store.”