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UK bakery under fire over using “illegal” sprinkles

UK bakery under fire over using “illegal” sprinkles

A bakery in the north of England has come under fire after using sprinkles that are illegal in the UK. 

Richie Myers, owner of Get Baked in Leeds, was infuriated when an unknown customer reported him to trading standards over the use of the confectionery. 

In the UK, the sprinkles contain an additive known as Erythrosine, which is not banned in the UK but is reserved solely for use in processed cherries, according to the International Association of Colour Manufacturers.

West Yorkshire Trading Standards confirmed to the BBC it has taken action to ensure the usage of the sprinkles is stopped.

Richie dubbed the issue “Sprinklegate”, and shared a recount of the issue to Facebook, which has garnered worldwide attention. 

The baker who is “passionate about sprinkles” called out the customer that reported him, saying he “hopes they fail”.

Image credits: Facebook - Get Baked

As an investigation began into the elusive sprinkles, Richie said this hurt his small business, as they were a key ingredient in many sweet treats. 

He told the BBC that it had been a “horrendous ordeal” and that he had “genuinely lost sleep” over it. 

As Richie provided an update on “sprinklegate”, he said he had no choice but to stop using the sprinkles and was trying to think of a suitable replacement. 

Image credit: Facebook - Get Baked

Despite having to change their famous recipe, Richie and the Get Backed team have kept their signature sense of humour through the whole “sprinklegate” ordeal.

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By posting their hilarious updates online, Richie said he has been presented with “opportunities he could only have ever dreamed of”. 

In a recent Instagram post, Richie addressed the person who reported them to the trading standards, saying, “I honestly cannot thank you enough. You have inadvertently flung us forward 5 years and saved me a f** load in marketing budget, not that I ever have a marketing budget, but you’ve still done a sensational deed.”

“I owe you a pint.”

Image credits: Instagram @getbakeduk

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