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Tension between MKR stars escalates to new heights

Tension between MKR stars escalates to new heights

Tensions rose to boiling point on last night’s episode of My Kitchen Rules, when a relationship was revealed and things got heated.

Co-stars on the show had long suspected that there was a relationship between rival contestants Piper, 35, and Victor, 29, but it was confirmed on the show last night.

With Victor constantly playing with a knife and making his other contestants feel uneasy to begin with, tensions only got worse from there.

Later in the episode, Victor is seen screaming at other contestants as he believes that they scored against him. Other contestants believe that Piper has planted this idea.

“A certain female has been whispering in his ear and feeding him the wrong information,” Victor’s rival Romel confirmed to camera.

Romel’s teammate Ibby decided to clear the air and spoke to Piper about the situation.

"I feel, and I'm being honest Piper, that you have fed Victor information based on the comments that were not true, which is why they both are angry and they feel that they are all trying to get them."

Piper confirmed that she had spoken to Victor and G about the comments.

“Yes, we had a conversation with Victor about what happened around the table. We didn't target anyone, we said in general how the scores went." 

Romel then said to camera that he genuinely believed something was going on between Piper and Victor.

“There's clearly something going on between [Victor and Piper], otherwise, why would Piper be defending Victor?"

He continued: "And why the hell is [Victor] sitting there spinning a knife? I genuinely believe Piper has been going around and stirring the pot."

Andy and Ruby called out Veronica and Piper for “b----ing behind backs”, and that is what set Victor off.

"Woah, woah, she can call someone a b---- at the table and it's completely fine. It's double standards!" screamed Victor.

"You get offended because I don't want to give you a hug but then you call Piper a b----."

"I'll tell you what this is about, it's about Ruby being upset that I didn't want to hug her after a hard cook. But her sitting at the table and calling Piper a b----, that's double standards."

It was at this point that celebrity chef Manu Feildel had enough.

“Step back and just relax."

Manu added, "I understand that there may be some differences but just use your energy somewhere else guys. Use your energy in your cooking.”

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