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Supermarket issues hot cross buns recall

Supermarket issues hot cross buns recall

A recall has been issued for hot cross buns at an Adelaide supermarket after pieces of a calculator were found in the baked goods.

It has been revealed that a small calculator ended up contaminating a batch of hot cross buns at the Pasadena Foodland, with a number of customers having found plastic bits in their food item.

Customers have been urged to avoid eating buns that were packed on Sunday, as they may contain a potentially deadly button battery.

“The concern with a calculator is that it contains a button battery which, if swallowed, can cause serious injury or even death,” said Chris Lease, SA Health’s Acting Chief Public Health Officer.

“We urge anyone who may have purchased the affected hot cross buns check the ‘packed on’ date, not to consume them, and return them to Pasadena Foodland for a full refund.”

The supermarket’s general manager Paul Mabarrack said since about 200 of the potentially contaminated bun packets were sold on Sunday and Monday, and “about eight” customers have reported finding pieces of the calculator.

“We’re on tenterhooks until we can find [the battery] or until we can be sure that this thing hasn’t resulted in any harm to anybody,” Mabarrack told the ABC.

He said the bakers, who were responsible of baking the food items onsite, were “very upset” and “shell-shocked” by the incident. “The bakers do use calculators in their daily work to work out quantities of flour and water and those sorts of things, so it's a common tool in the bakery area.”

SA Health said while the circumstances surrounding how a calculator ended up in a batch of hot cross bun dough are still being investigated, “there is no evidence of a deliberate act”.

According to SA Health, the recall applies to the following products that were produced on April 7:

  • Choc Chip Hot Cross Buns 6-pack
  • Cranberry and White Choc Hot Cross Buns 6-pack
  • Hot Cross Buns 6-pack
  • Hot Cross Buns Large Loose
  • Hot Cross Buns Fruitless 6-pack
  • Mini Hot Cross Buns 12-pack
  • Mini Choc Chip Hot Cross Buns 12-pack
  • Premium Hot Cross Buns 500g
  • Various weights, 6 or 12 in a pack, packed on 7 April 2019
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