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"Stop what you’re doing”: MasterChef judge Gary loses his temper at contestant Tim

"Stop what you’re doing”: MasterChef judge Gary loses his temper at contestant Tim

MasterChef Australia judge Gary Mehigan has been on the show since its beginning and rarely raises his voice at the budding chefs that go on the amateur cooking show.

However, an incident with Tim Bone made Gary lose his temper on the show last night.

Gary made a point to yell across the kitchen and demand that Tim return to his station so he can show him how to properly prepare vegetables for his jus.

Naturally, Tim was frantic due to the intense pressure that comes with cooking challenges and was trying to cut corners.

Gary wasn’t a fan of that. He demanded that Tim stop what he was doing.

Gary said that his Jus needed to be packed with flavour to impress the mystery guests, who would soon be coming in for service.

“The skin, no,” Gary stressed, as he lifted up a large vegetable chunk.

“Clean, yeah? None of that rubbish!”

Gary explained to Tim that he was making too much for the service and take a look between the vegetables that Tim had cut up compared to the ones that Gary had just cut up.

“Flavour and rubbish,” Gary said, pointing from dish to dish as a comparison of the right and wrong way to do things.

"Tim, stop what you're doing," Gary said forcefully.

Luckily, Tim took a moment to reflect on Gary’s criticism and realised it was coming from a good place.

"Gary wants me to have a bit more finesse with the sauce. It's not just about throwing things in there and hoping for the best.

"I really have to think things through. Chop things a lot smaller. And really take care of the sauce," Tim added. 

"I know Gary is being really tough on me with this jus, but in a restaurant setting perfection is key and Gary knows what he's talking about!" the contestant conceded.