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MasterChef’s Tessa Boersma slammed over steak dish

MasterChef’s Tessa Boersma slammed over steak dish

MasterChef contestant Tessa Boersma has left fans baffled with her meat and three veg dish during Tuesday night’s challenge.

Tessa’s Tomahawk steak, which was served as part of the immunity challenge, failed to impress both judges and viewers.

“I think the steak’s cooked further than it should be,” said judge Jock Zonfrillo.

“You know, she had 60 minutes – more than enough time to cook that at a lower temperature.”

Fans on Twitter criticised the dish’s appearance, saying Tessa’s use of the meat cut was wasteful.

“Did Tessa just cook that entire tomahawk to get one middle piece? What happens to the rest of it?” one wrote.

“The plating leaves a lot to be desired,” one posted.

“It’s disgraceful that Tessa cooked that huge chunk of meat and is only using a slice,” another commented.

Despite viewers’ concern, the leftover food in the MasterChef kitchen did not go to waste. The remainders were donated to food charity SecondBite, reports said.

SecondBite CEO Jim Mullan told 10 daily: “Everything you see in the pantry that’s applied through the program, everything that we can possibly salvage, we collect and divert it to people in need, generally in the Melbourne area.”

Contestant Laura Sharrad also told news.com.au some of the unwanted produce went in the garden’s compost. “It’s so amazing to see all the split bin systems also in place to make sure everything is getting disposed of properly,” she said.

Reece Hignell ended up winning the challenge, with Judge Melissa Leong describing his gin tart with ginger ice-cream, juniper berry meringue and quince puree as “to die for”.