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Man's horror at what he found inside burger

Man's horror at what he found inside burger

A Queensland hospital worker was disgusted to find a dead rat inside his burger that he was initially enjoying on his lunch break.

The medic found the cooked rat between the buns of his burger from the Wellbean Co Cafe, run by the Toowoomba Hospital Foundation, according to the Toowoomba Chronicle.

He took a photo to show staff, who quickly apologised.

Darling Downs Health Service released the following statement to media about the incident.

“We have taken this incident very seriously, with our highest priority being the health and safety of our community, patients, and staff,” a spokesperson said.

“We have been assured that the Wellbean Co cafe operators, the Toowoomba Hospital Foundation, comply with all food and hygiene standards.

“The Toowoomba Hospital Foundation has been in contact with the supplier and has reviewed their process for washing and inspecting all products brought in to the cafe.

“The foundation has had the Toowoomba Regional Council Food Safety Division and our Public Health Unit inspect the cafe, which has been cleared to continue operating.

“The cafe has apologised to the customer and I would like to thank the Toowoomba Hospital Foundation for their immediate and proactive response to this incident.”

Photo credits: news.com.au