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Man’s avocado deodorant stick sends internet into chaos

Man’s avocado deodorant stick sends internet into chaos

One man has invented an avocado deodorant stick as a way to make the “fastest avocado toast ever”.

Posting to the TikTok page Unnecessary Inventions, the man behind the account introduced his insta invention, "avocado on a stick".

At the crux of it, it appears to just be an empty deodorant stick filled with smashed avocado.

"I invented the easiest way to make avocado toast," he says as the clip begins.

“Meet the avocado on a stick."

The tutorial went on to demonstrate how the avocado stick functions much the same as a stick of roll-on deodorant.

"This handy little container features fresh, mashed avocado. And you can twist this little knob to reveal a little more avocado," he says.

"Then you just grab a piece of toast and spread on your avocado. The fastest avocado toast ever."

The video has since been viewed over 4.6 million times.

"Im so repulsed [sic]" one person wrote.

Another added: "That really does not look edible.”

"This makes me uncomfortable," a third chimed in.

Not all the comments were bad however, with some choosing to admire his “creative take”.

“The point is you tried,” one person commented.

Another user added: “I appreciate the effort indeed.”