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Major transformation: Why everyone is talking about Poh's new haircut

Major transformation: Why everyone is talking about Poh's new haircut

It has been over 10 years since Poh Ling Yeow first graced our screens on MasterChef Australia – shooting to fame for her incredible cooking skills and vibrant personality.

The celeb chef returned to the 11th season of the show that kick-started her culinary career as a guest mentor last week – and looked unrecognisable.

Sporting a sleek bob, the season one runner-up of the cooking show looked incredibly different to when we first saw her – and what is even more shocking is Poh has done another major transformation to her hair over the weekend.

The former MasterChef contestant admitted the bob caused a lot of controversy and could be a little inconvenient while she was doing what she loved most – making spectacular meals and treats.

“The bob was just so annoying in the kitchen, it wasn't quite long enough for me to pull back properly and it's just too much styling involved for my liking,” Poh told Now To Love.

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“I'm very low- maintenance and quite tomboy in the way that I dress so I thought it would be really nice to have a go at short hair because I've never really had gone short.

“I did at one point in my 20s but it wasn't done fantastically and I wanted to have another go at it.”

Poh took to Instagram to share her new hairstyle and explained she was surprised by the swarm of support she received.

“I never expected people to respond so adversely or so positively to anything I've done!” she said.

Fans took to the comments to share their warm compliments.

“I LOVE IT,” comedian Madga Szubanski wrote.

Another user wrote on Twitter: “Wow Poh looks completely different with that hairstyle. Have got used to seeing her in her pulled back hair."

Since finishing MasterChef Australia as a runner-up in 2009 against Julie Goodwin, the celeb chef has gone on to make a remarkable name for herself, including her own cooking shows on SBS.