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Chocolate lovers rejoice: Darrell Lea launches new range after 92 years

Chocolate lovers rejoice: Darrell Lea launches new range after 92 years

More and more beloved Aussie brands are stepping into the chocolate game. A month ago, Arnott’s released a new range of chocolate blocks based on their classic biscuits – and now, Darrell Lea has followed suit.

The confectionary maker, which is well-known for its liquorice bullets, has finally launched its own range of chocolate blocks for the first time in the company’s 92-year history.

It comes in six flavours, including classic varieties from the brand such as liquorice, peanut brittle and Rocklea Road, as well as new selections like Fruitier & Nuttier, Peppermint Partytime and Caramel Craving.

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Since the new products hit the shelves weeks ago, fans have praised the fresh take on their favourite treats.

“Great chocolate bars. Excellent taste and smoothness without being too sweet,” one reviewed.

“Just bought the new Rocklea Road block and it was absolutely delicious and jam packed with flavour,” another commented.

“We make some of Australia’s favourite confectionery products and we knew these would translate perfectly into a block format,” said Tim York, CEO at Darrell Lea.

“We also thought we could improve on a few great flavour combinations … so we did. It’s time the confectionery aisle got a shake up and we’re excited to be doing it.”

The new chocolate blocks are now available exclusively at Woolworths.

The confectionary company has pulled its ‘No Worries Jan’ ad campaign for the new range after the Yellow Pages issued a cease and desist letter. In a statement, Darrell Lea said it “wanted to celebrate a classic Australian television ad”, referring to the iconic ‘Not Happy Jan’ campaign from the early 2000s.

“As an Australian company with a 92-year heritage, we wanted to give an iconic ad a new lease of life and from the comments we received, the response was extremely positive.

“However, [Yellow Pages’ parent company] Sensis has demanded that we shut down our campaign through its lawyers.”