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BEYOND shocking: Ugly note left on Aldi shopper's car

BEYOND shocking: Ugly note left on Aldi shopper's car

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A woman in regional Victoria returned to her car after a shopping trip at Aldi, only to discover a shocking note left on her windscreen.

Taking to Facebook, the Traralgon resident explained that the person who wrote the note must have thought she was flouting lockdown rules based on the dealership stickers on her car.

Image: Facebook

As of Friday, those living in country Victoria no longer have strict stay-at-home restrictions after some rules were lifted.

However, Melbourne remains in lockdown and based on that – the person who wrote the rude note presumably believed the Traralgon mum was from the city.

“Beside my number plate, it has the name of the dealership my car was purchased from, in Melbourne” she wrote in a post alongside a photo of the note.

“I’m assuming that’s why this lovely note was left on my windscreen this evening in the Aldi car park. I cannot believe the insanity and nastiness right now”.

Many comments have flooded her post, describing the person behind the note as “disgusting”.

“That’s shocking. I’m sorry people are so rude”, one person replied. “OMG that’s horrible. I’m amazed we aren’t getting the same thing. We live here yes but we didn’t buy our car here. There is a lot of craziness at the moment” said another, while a third person added its “So Un-Australia”.

But it’s not the first-time regional residents have been at the centre of unwarranted attacks by their own people.

Another woman from Inverloch said she was abused in Wongthaggi car park because someone thought she was from the city.

“We were confused as to why she would think that from just looking at the car”, the woman said in a Facebook group, according to the Herald Sun. “Our car has a Melbourne dealership sticker on the rear window” as do most cars.

Senior Sergeant Peter Watson told the publication that abuse towards others needs to stop.

“People shouldn’t assume things, cars can be bought from anywhere” he said.

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