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Fri, 2 Nov, 2018Jim Mitchell

Australian woman's shock discovery inside giant egg

Australian woman's shock discovery inside giant egg

A woman got quite the surprise after cracking open a giant egg. Blythe Calnan of Runnymede Farm in Binningup, Western Australia, was shocked to find a smaller egg inside the larger one. She posted footage of the find in a Facebook  video this week, which showed her cracking the huge egg and a smaller one popping out of it.

Calnan said that the strange find was the result of a “counter contraction” in a young hen that she joked may have a “sore behind". She used the hashtag “whoops”.

“WOW!!! We have never had this before!!!!” she wrote. “The pullets (young hens) are starting to lay like little champions, but some take some practice to get the process right.

“In this case instead of a hen having a contraction to lay an egg, she has had a COUNTER contraction and sucked the egg back up, then built another one over it – resulting in an egg inside an egg!

“I hope for her cloacas sake she gets the hang of normal sized eggs soon. I’ve looked and can’t identify anyone with a sore behind!!”

7News reports that the same thing occurred at Stockman’s Eggs in Queensland earlier this year when an egg producer cracked a gigantic egg to find a smaller one formed inside.

The massive egg came in at 176 grams – that’s three times the size of your average egg!