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Arnotts reveals surprising truth about popular biscuit

Arnotts reveals surprising truth about popular biscuit

Arnott's has just revealed a little known fact about one of its most-loved biscuits.

Ginger Nut biscuits are different depending on which Australian state you eat them in, with social media users labelling it the "2020 conspiracy".

The renowned biscuit company was happy to confirm the news.

“The Ginger Nut started long ago, back in the 1960s, when we used to have different bakeries in different states each making a Ginger Nut biscuit that their locals loved,” an Arnott’s spokesperson told news.com.au

“When Arnott’s became a national company we looked at the possibility of selling one Ginger Nut nationally.

“However, Aussies in each state made it clear they loved their homegrown variety, and there’s just no substitute for their Ginger Nut, the version they had grown up and loved.”

This means that there are four different recipes in use across different states and territories, with the taste, texture and colour being completely different from the other.

WA, SA and NT share the same "sweet recipe", whereas those living in Victoria and Tasmania enjoy an even sweeter flavour which is closest to traditional Giner Nuts overseas.

NSW and ACT share the "thick and hard" recipe, while QLD loves the "thin, sweet and dark" recipe.

Social media users were either surprised or proud it confirmed what they already knew.

“I’ve been living a lie all my life. Why do this to me Arnotts???” a Reddit user said.

“I actually got relatives and friends of friends to mail all the different varieties to me, then sat down and did a taste test. Can confirm they’re all very different,” another added, while a third labelled it a “true 2020 conspiracy”.

But another responded saying, “I can verify. I have collected Gingernuts from Vic, NSW, ACT and the NT and they are definitely different. NSW/ACT ones are by far the best. Super hard, less sweet and perfect for dipping in tea without falling apart.”