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The surprising benefits of an oil-free airfryer

The surprising benefits of an oil-free airfryer

At first glance, deep-fryers and air fryers seem quite similar. Both cook veggies, meat and hot chips with a delicious taste and crunchy exterior. However, the method a deep-fryer uses is based on dunking food items into boiling hot oil, is different from that of an air fryer, which coats food with a little bit of oil then blasts it with hot air.


If you love traditional fried food, the deep-fryer could be your best bet. If you’re health conscious and want to achieve similar results without entirely giving up that distinctive fried taste and texture, an air fryer could be the optimal choice.


If you appreciate convenience, you’ll want to consider an air fryer with a simple touch operation and a convenient on/off switch. If you’re the type to forget about food when it’s cooking, a fryer with a digital countdown timer and buzzer can be a great choice.


One of the biggest differences between air and deep fryers is size. Most air fryers are significantly smaller than deep fryers, as their contents don’t need to be dunked into a large amount of oil for deep-frying.

Cooking method

Deep-fryers use large amounts of oil, which the food is then plunged into and removed from. Air fryers don’t dunk food into hot vats of oil. Instead, it’s coated with a small amount of oil. The air fryer then blows hot air over it to cook the food.

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