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This $15 Kmart hack will save you thousands

This $15 Kmart hack will save you thousands

You’ve spent your whole life saving up as much money as possible to enjoy your retirement, so there’s nothing worse spending your hard-earned cash on groceries only to end up throwing out spoiled or uneaten food days later.

Well, food wastage could be a thing of the past with this clever organisational hack that could see you save thousands each year.

Sydney mum Jill Burrows, 49, has shared the ingenious meal prep board she created to lay out exactly what would be on the family menu every day, meaning she can plan the meals in advance. The best part? It only cost $15 using items from her local Kmart.

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“This is my first Kmart hack, and it took me an hour and cost me $15,” Burrows told

“I got the idea from Pinterest and it’s important for me that we have home-cooked meals planned ahead, and it’s working. It’s changing my life for the better because I can cook meals on the weekend in advance and it reduces costs in shopping from the improved planning, so it helps our budget.

“I used to do menu planning on paper on a Saturday morning while my son was at swimming squad training but I got tired of trying to think of new meals each week, so I got lazy with meal planning then found I was stressing out about meals.

“We were spending more money and not eating as well and eating a lot of ready-made meals.

“I just wrote down all the meals I could think of that I can cook easily – chicken stir fry, Thai chicken meatballs, salmon, fish and chips or Chinese dumplings and lots of others – and I have a card for new recipes then if they are any good I will add new cards.

“My husband and son also pick meals and want to help.”

How smart! Tell us in the comments below, do you plan your meals in advance or do it as you go?

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