10 things kids of today will never do

10 things kids of today will never do

We know times have changed but when we realised just how many things we used to do on a daily basis that our grandkids will never have to experience … well, times really have changed.

1. Worrying about missing an episode of their favourite TV show

They don’t even bother recording it these days, they just find it online!

2. Remembering numbers and making sure you had loose change in case you needed to use the payphone

Kids these days will never know the frustration of realising you have no spare change, looking for a payphone or waiting in line in the cold while some inconsiderate person had the longest chat ever on the phone. This young boy was left utterly confused after seeing a payphone for the first time, asking his mother: “Is this an old fashioned phone?”

3. Renting a VHS tape at the local video store

Try explaining what a VHS tape is to your grandkids! They’re quickly becoming extinct like the popularity of the local video store.

4. Perfecting cursive handwriting

It used to be a badge of honour when you had great penmanship. Now not so much, it is much more about how fast you can type.

5. Figuring out how to read a paper map

You mean you can’t just plug in where you want to go and let the computer/phone/GPS work out the best way to get there?

6. Take a photo with a film camera (or develop a roll of film)

Never will today’s generation know the careful process of deciding whether something was worth taking a photo of – printing photos was expensive! You can’t just waste film on pictures of food and selfies.

7. Using a handle instead of a button to roll down a car window

You had to earn it if you wanted the cool breeze of air to come into the car.

8. Making (or receiving) a mix tape

Who else remembers the thrill of receiving a mix tape and rushing home to listen to the songs on it? Or the painstaking planning that went into creating one for your family, friends or loved one?

9. Licking a postage stamp, writing a letter and going to the post office

What do you mean there was no email? Text? Facebook?

10. Dialling a rotary phone

How many times did you accidentally dial the wrong number when your finger snagged the wrong hole? Nowadays, many homes don’t even have a landline.