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Young girl not impressed with her first day of school goes viral

A young girl from Scotland has gone viral as her mother shared a hilarious before and after of her attending her first day of school.

Her mother Jillian shared the snaps of her five-year-old daughter Lucie online.

The first photo shows Lucie excited for school in her school uniform with her hair in a neat hairstyle and a big smile on her face.

The second photo shows what happened afterwards. Lucie’s hair is all over the place, her uniform is dishevelled and her socks and tie askew.

Jillian told Barrhead News about the incident.

“Lucie is just like any typical child. When I went to pick her up from school and saw how she looked, I was mortified.

"I asked her what she had been doing at school and she said ‘Oh nothing, I just played with my friends.’

“Her dad had messaged me from work, asking how her first day went, and I said to him ‘You won’t believe the state she’s in.’

Scroll through the gallery to see the hilarious before and after shots of Lucie.