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Why these 2 people are suspected to be baby Archie’s godparents

Why these 2 people are suspected to be baby Archie’s godparents

The next time royal fans and watchers will get to see Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor will be at his christening in July.

A question that continues to loom is who exactly the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will choose to be their first child’s godparents?

Royal biographer Angela Levin believes it is likely the new parents will opt for two people Prince Harry relied on during his younger years when he experienced some of the most difficult times of his life.

Back in 1996 when his parents Prince Charles and Princess Diana divorced, and later in 1997 when his mother passed away.

“I think there are two people who were in Harry's life who saved him when his mother died or when his parents divorced,” Levin explained to Yahoo's, The Royal Box.

“One is Tiggy and the other is Mark Dyer, who took over as a sort of male nanny – a grown-up, male nanny.”

Mark Dyer and Prince Harry

In the '90s, Mark Dyer was appointed as Prince Harry’s “equerry” or “surrogate father” and accompanied the royal to Africa following the tragic death of Princess Di.

It is believed this safari trip is what sparked a love for Africa in the Prince, who even took Duchess Meghan to the continent when they had first started dating.

Tiggy Legge-Bourke is another fixture in Prince Harry’s life as she joined the royal household in 1993 and served as a nanny to both the princes until 1999 and was a comfort to them while they felt the loss of their mother.

Tiggy Legge-Bourke and Prince Harry

Their close relationship is apparent, even going as far to make both Prince William and Prince Harry godfathers to her two sons: Fred and Tom.

It is speculated Archie will be christened at St George’s Chapel in Windsor, where his parents were married in 2018.

The ceremony is likely to be conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury.