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“Unbearable”: Pauline Hanson breaks down in tears and thanks Scott Morrison

“Unbearable”: Pauline Hanson breaks down in tears and thanks Scott Morrison

Controversial One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has shown a softer side as she broke down in tears to thank Scott Morrison “from the bottom of my heart”.

Morrison recently announced an inquiry into the family law system, and it’s something that Hanson herself has been pushing for years.

Hanson has said that family law is the biggest issue she faced when she first entered parliament back in 1996.

"I cried because I know the heartache that is felt by hundreds of thousands of Australians," Ms Hanson said.

"I cried because of the realisation of the hope that this inquiry will finally bring to people who are floundering in these situations.

"They are going through one of the most difficult challenges of their lives, creating normality after separation and divorce.

"Over the weekend, while most of us are enjoying time with family and friends, an average of six men took their own lives. And far too many women experienced family violence.

"I'm sorry, but I can't live with that on my conscience. And these deaths are only occurring because governments have failed to listen and act on the broken family law system."

Hanson said that family law is “the most important social matter facing Australia today”.

"The Joint Select Committee will delve into the various aspects that have been making life unbearable for so many people dealing with separation and its aftermath," Ms Hanson said.

"The desperate calls of broken Australian families will finally be heard.

"I do thank the Prime Minister from the bottom of my heart for his support in this groundbreaking inquiry."

Hanson also spoke on the Today show, saying that the current family law system is “unfair and unworkable” for men.

“I think a lot of women out there abuse the system by instigating false DVOs against their partners,” she said.

“Some lawyers also push that point of view. I think that’s unfair to these fathers and I know the court system doesn’t have the ability to prove whether it’s false claims. There is perjury but no one is charged with perjury. People must be held responsible for their actions.”

Morrison spoke after Hanson on the show and he agrees that the family law system is “in need of improvement”.

“Family and relationship breakdown is one of the prime causes of suicide and other terrible things that happen in our community,” he said.