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Turia Pitt shares sweet photo with one-year-old son: "Just a couple of smurfs"

Turia Pitt shares sweet photo with one-year-old son: "Just a couple of smurfs"

Inspirational burns survivor Turia Pitt has shared an adorable photo of herself with her one-year-old son Hakavai, sporting matching outfits on a day out to the beach.

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Just a couple of smurfs.

A post shared by Turia (@turiapitt) on Jan 21, 2019 at 12:29am PST

The 31-year-old mum shared the snap to her Instagram account, where she’s amassed a large following of 844,000 people, with the caption, "Just a couple of smurfs."

Turia Pitt and her fiance Michael Hoskin, celebrated Hakavai’s first birthday last month, and the photos couldn’t be more adorable. 

The theme of the party was tropical, as the family celebrated around a themed picnic in the park. Close family members and friends were in attendance.

Pitt shared in her newsletter at the time: “Hakavai turned one! I know, crazy right? We had a little party for him on the weekend. I know I'm biased, but he's pretty cute.”

Pitt also shared her tips for new mothers in her newsletter.

"It's something I'd love you to try, especially now when there's a lot going on, and everyone is in a mad rush to get things done before the holidays. 

"What would make today great?

"Note: you're not asking, 'What do I have to get done today?' You're asking yourself what would make your day awesome," she explained.

"Is it calling your best friend? Finishing off that major pitch? Buying a new plant? Going for a run or a surf? Whatever it is, actively visualise yourself doing that thing today.

"And then I need you to prioritise it. Give it value. Whatever would make your day great today, do it. I hope you take this tip on board, and start asking yourself this question. It can, and will, radically change your day."

Do you have any tips for new mums? Let us know in the comments.