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Sylvia Jeffreys accidentally messes up live gender reveal

Sylvia Jeffreys accidentally messes up live gender reveal

Today Extra host Sylvia Jeffreys wanted to celebrate her second son on the way by doing a gender reveal live on air.

Despite knowing she was already having a new baby boy, she wanted to try out the trend.

Jeffreys went for a simple approach by popping a balloon with coloured confetti inside, blue for boys and pink for girls.

"I may not have stuffed up the reveal a little too early by trying to test the strength of the pin," she said as footage of her holding a balloon and pin began to play.

Luckily, Karl Stefanovic called for a do-over.

"We're just going to ignore what happened before. This is the magic of television," he said.

"It's a surprise. You're having a boy," he said.

Jeffreys giggled and asked if she could call her husband, Pete.

"I might just call my husband and let him know, if that's alright. We feel alright about that?

"That was a really happy moment. Thanks for sharing it with me."

Photo credits: Today