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Spot the snake that's hiding in plain sight

Spot the snake that's hiding in plain sight

In a very busy garage cluttered with several hanging hoses, looped power cords, ropes and other “snake-like” objects, it’s no surprise that many couldn’t find it.

“I can see two,” wrote one Facebook user. “Far left wall hanging down off hook or tool and far left back corner....am I correct or just bad vision?”

“Snakes like warm tight spots,” wrote another user. “Next to the fluoro box on [left hand side] is good for it.

“Is this one of those ‘there’s no snake’ and you are messing with us?” another added.


Many were left stumped, but one user drew a snake into the photograph and said they found one.

“Took me a while of zooming but I found it,” another person said.

Yet another commented, “Near the black saw handle” . . . which was a very close guess indeed.

The snake was hidden in a corner on top of a saw, which is under the clothes line in the garage.

Followers of the page enjoyed the game!

“It’s great to play this but every time I can’t find it which makes me a bit concerned if I had to do it in real life,” one joked.

If you haven’t been able to find it, scroll below to see where it is.