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RSPCA’S rehoming program gives peace of mind to worried pet parents

RSPCA’S rehoming program gives peace of mind to worried pet parents

For Susan Koleda and her husband, their West Highland Terriers are more than dogs. They consider the two of them, Bonnie and Chloe, their “fur children”. 

But they’re reaching a time in life where they need to think about the future, about all those uncertainties that tend to accompany getting older. What will happen to their home? Their belongings? Their dogs?

“My biggest fear is that if something happens to us, they won’t be looked after in the way that they are used to,” Susan told RSPCA NSW.

So, in order to dispel that worry, Susan signed up for the RSPCA NSW Home Ever After program.

The program aims to rehome the pets of people who have passed away or become permanently incapacitated, ensuring they’re looked after and cared for well into the future.

The Home Ever After process begins with a preliminary interview with the owner to create a pet profile. Our team endeavours to learn everything there is to know – which toys are their favourite, preferred treats, sleeping habits, whether they like to be scratched behind the ear – all the things only a doting parent would know after years of love and care. 

Then, in the event that the owner is no longer able to care for their pets, the Home Ever After team springs into action. They collect the pets and take them into the care of RSPCA NSW. They are then rehomed with an appropriate family using all the information provided by the owner, ensuring the pets retain all the things they are accustomed to. The Home Ever After team also keeps in touch with the adoptive family to make sure everything is running smoothly.

When pet owners enrol in the program, they are safeguarding their pet’s future by creating their next forever home with the knowledge of the person who knows them best,” Home Ever After Coordinator Maria Natera said. “The program may never be needed but it’s so important to be prepared just in case it ever is.”

The RSPCA doesn’t ask for payment for this service but asks supporters to consider leaving a gift in their Will, so they can continue its vital work helping animals in need around the state.

“You know their vet history and their special personalities,” Susan said. “It just gives me great peace of mind knowing that I now have a plan in place, and my girls will be placed in a loving home if I am no longer able to look after them.”

If you’ve ever asked yourself the question, “If something happens to me, what will happen to my pet?”, Home Ever After is able to provide an answer.