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Roger Federer's surprising family confession: "They really test me"

Roger Federer's surprising family confession: "They really test me"

The Swiss champion is known to remain cool and collected even in the worst of times, but Roger Federer has revealed the one thing that makes him angry.

“My children. They really test me. I handle it well because I am a player, sportsman, but I cannot have a poker face as if nothing happened,” he said in an interview to El Pais.

“You care about them and when you care about someone, emotions get involved. For the good and bad, there is no boring time with children.”

And when it comes to popularity, the 37-year-old has kept his head firmly on his shoulders, making sure the love doesn’t get to his head.

"It's not our fault,” he said.

“It depends on who you are and where you come from. It's important to know what your roots are, who are your real friends, and while you go through the process you can make mistakes especially if you are young. You suddenly see yourself being surrounded by agents, sponsor's agreements, money.

“That may influence your character and your relationship with family and friends. It's a complicated stage and the best thing is to get good advice. But we live a bit in a bubble. It's important to recognize that all this is a bit unreal but sometimes it's real and for me, it's nice to go out there."

He also touched on receiving compliments, with many praising the athlete for his elegant form when on the court.

"In the sports, we love the adjectives, but it's nothing new. You accept them with a smile. I think that keeping the one-handed backhand helps a lot on this aspect,” he said.

“If you speak of one-handed backhand players, you say they are elegant, and if it adds the success I had, I would say that I am one of the most elegant guys between the one-handed backhands. The elegance can become a style that you represent on tour, also off the court, your way to speak...

“If they think that I am elegant, that's a big achievement, because I try to be a good ambassador of the sport. I try to be a good father, husband, citizen; I try to do well with my foundation, help others, being an inspiration and motivation.

“If you reflect deeper on the word, that means much more. I look back at it and I see myself as a bridge between the old and new generation. It's luck for me. I am the only one who was in the 1999 French Open draw and this year I will be back there, 20 years after."