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Sun, 3 Mar, 2019Shannen Findlay

Red Symons' heartbreaking confession: “I cry every day”

Red Symons' heartbreaking confession: “I cry every day”

Beloved Australian television and radio hero Red Symons has revealed his heartbreak behind losing his job, eldest son and marriage in just a few short years.

Symons came to fame as a Skyhooks guitarist, later appeared on Hey Hey It’s Saturday as co-host and for the last 15 years held a spot as an ABC radio presenter – hence to say, his role in the Australian media landscape has varied and been diverse over the last 30-40 years.

2016 started off brutal for Symons when he has his wife Elly split after 25 years together.

They sold their five-bedroom Melbourne home where they had raised their three sons and went their separate ways.

Symons and ex-wife, Elly

Red Symons with ex-wife, Elly.

Despite having a physically active and mentally captivating lifestyle, the hustle and bustle of every day life of the former rockstar caught up with him.

Just one month later, the now 69-year-old had a devastating fall which resulted in him becoming comatose and hospital-bound for over three weeks. Symons bounced back quickly, taking up a healthy fitness regime and now swims every morning.

In 2017, ABC Radio made the decision to not renew his contract on the morning breakfast show that was known for stirring a lot of controversy over the years.

Sharing his experiences with The Good Weekend, Symons says his worst nightmare came true when his son, Samuel, died with brain cancer at age 27 in 2018.

“I still cry every day about that,” he revealed.

“In the end, with his recent … let's say the word, death ... what I clung to was just the idea of telling him that I loved him.

“That's fundamentally what was there. He went out with grace and dignity. He was in a good place with good people and I don't believe he went out with discomfort or fear.”

Red Symons with son, Samuel Symons at age 18

 Red Symons with son, Samuel Symons at age 18

Symons revealed learning about his eldest son’s brain tumour was one of the most dreadful moments of his life, though he knew more was in store for their family.

Dealing with his heartache, Symons is now exploring a new chapter of his life in the heart of Melbourne, where he now lives.

Symons is now living in an investment property purchased over 30 years ago, appears fortnightly on Neil Mitchell’s 3AW Melbourne morning radio program and is a devoted father to his sons Raphael and Joel. 

However, when the Aussie star is asked what he wants to do with he rest of his life, he answers plainly: “I don’t know.”