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Palace photo album: The first photos of royal babies throughout history

Palace photo album: The first photos of royal babies throughout history

The Duchess of Sussex will give birth to her first child with Prince Harry very soon, and royal fans are waiting anticipation to see the adorable face of Baby Sussex.

Although there is a classic royal protocol which sees every royal wife posing with their newborn on the hospital steps, there have been whispers questioning whether Duchess Meghan will follow the tradition or choose to make her own rules.

While there are no clear answers on just how exactly the royal couple may choose to show their newest member to the world, supporters of the royal family are clearly torn down the middle on what they think may happen.

Some royal insiders believe the Duchess is opting for a home birth, meaning publicly posing and cradling her newborn outside of a maternity ward, like Duchess Kate has done in the past, will be out of the question.

Others, however, think she may choose to go for a more traditional route after “breaking” a few royal rules over the last year.

If the Duke and Duchess of Sussex do not opt for a photo just days after the birth of their first arrival outside of a maternity ward, royal fans may just have to wait a little while longer to see the little bundle of joy.

Scroll through the gallery above to see the first photos of royal babies throughout history.

The royal family are sticklers for tradition, but do you think this may be another refreshing twist for the British family if Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan choose not to pose on the hospital steps for the world to meet their newborn? Let us know in the comments below.