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New joy for grief stricken Lisa Curry and family

New joy for grief stricken Lisa Curry and family

The daughter of Aussie sporting greats Lisa Curry and Grant Kenny welcomed a new baby boy just weeks after the death of her sister Jaimi, 33.

The birth of her second son of Morgan Kenny Gruell and husband Ryan came just seven weeks after the death of Jaimi.

Morgan posted a photo on Instagram of her son Taj Grant Gruell, born three days ago.

“On the 5.11.2020 our baby boy made his arrival earth side at 1:50 pm weighing 3.74kgs and stretching to 52cm,” she wrote.

“Taj has stolen our hearts and is the perfect little addition to our family.

“I am now surrounded by 3 amazing boys and I couldn’t be happier.

“Thank you to my husband for being the best support throughout my pregnancy and labour.

“Flynn is absolutely smitten with his little brother and I can’t wait to see them grow up together.”

Morgan was in her third trimester of pregnancy when the Curry-Kenny clan announced the death of Jaimi and went into mourning.

Ryan praised the strength of his wife dealing with her pregnancy and the loss of her older sister.

“I am so appreciative for all that you endure @morgangruell to bring our child into this world. You amaze me.”

Lisa Curry posted the same photo on her Instagram grid, noting that she was certain Jaimi was looking down on her sister.

“Looks like someone smiling down from above on my little mumma Morgan and her new baby,” the former Olympic swimmer said.

“Nearly ready to be a granny, pa, gigi and opa again. Beautiful afternoon for a baby shower with a beautiful couple. Will baby be pink or blue?” Curry posted on Instagram.

The proud grandma couldn't help herself after she got to meet little Taj, posting on her Instagram.

"Tay Grant Fruell arrived safely into the world last Thursday, 5th November 2020, 8lb 4oz (for the oldies like me who can better relate to pounds!!)," she joked.

"A beautiful second son for my Morgan and Ryan and little bro for Flyn.... baby spam incoming," she jokingly warned her followers.