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Mum's heartbreak after finding cruel note in letterbox on New Year's Day

Mum's heartbreak after finding cruel note in letterbox on New Year's Day

A cruel note was left in a 28-year-old single New Zealand mother’s letterbox on New Year's Day, which put a dampen on the start of the new year.

The note, which was delivered anonymously, berated single mother of four Ana Grey for letting her autistic son Wiremu, 7, yell all the time.

The note said, "If you don’t stop that kid yelling I will ring child support and report you. We all getting sick of the yelling and also ring your landlord."

As Wiremu gets older, Grey has addressed that things have been getting harder. 

"Now that he is older things have changed and he has become more of a challenge for me," the mum explained. 

The single mother addressed the note in a Facebook post, saying: "I would have preferred being spoken to face to face so I can explain our situation, it is very hard for me doing this on my own."

With Wiremu realising that his home is a safe space where he’s able to vocalise how he’s feeling, this is why there’s random yelling within her home. The single mother of four acknowledged that she understands why her neighbours would raise the issue.

"I understand why my neighbours would complain, he is very loud and has his random outbursts almost every day," the mum says.

However, Grey revealed to the NZ Herald that she is getting the support she needs: “The help I need is well on its way and I couldn't be happier about that."

This anonymous note may have shaken her confidence, but with the support she needs, Grey is still going to support her son and get him the help he needs.

"I love my son to pieces. He may not be perfect to others but he is perfect to me."