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Mum’s rant over Bunnings goes viral

Mum’s rant over Bunnings goes viral

A weekend trip to Bunnings is a custom for many Australian families – however, a mum has taken a left turn and slammed the hardware store as a “marriage destroyer disguised as a DIY paradise”.

The woman has shared her two cents on the popular tradition on Facebook over the Labour Day long weekend, describing it as a “hell-hole” that “can be damaging for relationships” and that the famed sausage snags on the way out “isn’t enough to take the edge off” the place.

She detailed all the troubles that a family would have to go through at Bunnings, from having to “kneecap” fellow shoppers with their large trolley as they travel through different aisles to spending half an hour at the manure aisle “deciding on which kind of a*s waste will suit your garden better”.

She wrote, “You load up not thinking about how Crystal at the checkout is going to check you out ... The kids are now thumping each other and reminding you why you always say that a trip to Bunnings is like sticking a knife in your eye on the weekend. The Husband is staring at you like he wants to leave you for Crystal at the checkout.”

She concluded, “Bunnings. Who’d bother? F**k You.”

Her post has received more than 4,900 comments and been shared more than 2,900 times at the time of writing. Some expressed agreement with the woman’s evaluation.

“I really only go to Bunnings on my own. Can't handle how bloody long it takes my husband to get what he needs!” one commented.

“I often see families and couples & everything is a big adventure in the beginning but by the end of it the husband and wife are not speaking to each other or arguing and shouting at the kids,” another wrote.

Others admitted that they love visiting the store nevertheless.

“I just celebrated my 80th birthday. I asked for Bunnings gift cards as presents. I’m always in there and seldom come out under $100. There are always plants I want, pots, lights etc etc,” one shared.

“The other night we left the kids with the grandparents and went to Bunnings for that golden hour before they close... to buy$300 worth of laundy baskets... What a life!”