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“Kids are like dogs:” Pauline Hanson compares raising children to “training pets”

“Kids are like dogs:” Pauline Hanson compares raising children to “training pets”

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has shared some outlandish opinions by comparing raising children to training animals. 

The politician told The Today Show on Monday there are similarities with disciplining your children and pets. 

Ms Hanson also said reports suggesting parents should “train” their babies as a dog was not so far off from the truth. 

“Kids are like dogs... you actually look after them, treat them well, give them that love and care and attention,” she said. 

The outlandish comments amused the morning show host Georgie Gardner, who said she was reluctant to end the segment. 

“Pauline, I loathe to interrupt because I'm scared I'm going to get in trouble but we have to go now,” she said. 

“Its been enlightening and everyone is awake across the country and terrified of you.”

A controversial new British television show has caused a stir for it’s hosts, behaviourist Jo-Rosie, sharing her own parenting tips. 

She said she would be applying the same techniques as she would to train an animal with a three-year-old toddler. 

Ms Hanson said the “technique” gets results, and would use the same methods on her own children. 

“I would give them a clip over the ear if they didn't do what they were told. I had to control five of them and they had to do what they were told... and my grandkids get it too,” she shared. 

Radio host Neil Mitchell, another panelist sitting in on the controversial segment, sat shocked by Hanson’s admission to hitting her children. 

“You can't hit dogs, let alone children,” he said. 

The politician argued children need strong discipline. 

“The problem today is parents aren't allowed to discipline their kids. We are losing respect, they lose respect for authorities,” she said.