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Kelpie returns after two weeks of heartache

Kelpie returns after two weeks of heartache

A kelpie named Merlin has been found alive and safe two weeks after she fled her owner’s vehicle when it crashed and killed her owner. 

Simon Hannah’s family is in mourning ater his 4WD was T-boned by a Ford Ranger at around 11.15 am on September 16, near Eidsvold, in Queensland's North Burnett region, the DailyMail reported. 

The 34-year-old along with Merlin were the only two occupants in the car. 

Mr Hannah’s heartbroken stepfather David McDougall made pleas for help to get the loved kelpie back into safe hands. 

The fatal crash happened just metres from Eidsvold farmer Bill Kerle's property and took it upon himself to find Merlin.

He managed to find paw prints leading away from the scene and tracked Merlin onto his property, ABC News reported. 

As wild dogs are common in the area, Mr Kerle set up traps with pork steaks and soft bedding to capture the dog. 

On Tuesday morning, the farmer was pleased to find his plan had worked. 

“I nearly fell off my quad bike, I couldn't believe it,” he said.

Mr Hannan’s mother Jan Hannah says she felt relief wash through her after receiving the call that the last link to her son had been found alive. 

“We're so thrilled to have his dog and know that she's safe and well,' she said.

“We can't bring my son back but we can find his dog and we can make sure that she now has a good life.”

The Forensic Crash Unit is investigating the crash.