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Thu, 6 Sep, 2018Basmah Qazi

“I’m failing as a mum”: Studio 10 star Sarah Harris’ emotional meltdown

“I’m failing as a mum”: Studio 10 star Sarah Harris’ emotional meltdown

Being a working mother is no easy feat, just ask Studio 10 star Sarah Harris, who – while raising two young boys – is juggling her commitments with Channel Ten.

The 37-year-old admitted to WHO magazine that she recently suffered a “meltdown” as she struggled to find the balance between work and parenting.

Sarah said that she felt like she was “failing as a mum” and things were becoming “too much” for her.

“You reach a point where you feel like you’re failing at everything and sometimes it all gets too much,” Sarah said.

“You think, ‘I’m just failing as a mum at the moment.’”

Speaking to the magazine, Sarah mentioned that she had a meltdown two months ago when she and her husband Tom Ward were living to work and pay off their mortgage.

She said she desperately needed a break.

She told Tom: “What happens if one of us gets sick or one of us dies tomorrow – what have we got to show for it?”

But the couple is in a much better place now, as the pair have booked a family trip to Queensland for a well-deserved break.

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Sarah and Tom have two sons together – Harry who is eight months and Paul who is three years old.

Sarah sat down with KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O and revealed how she was shamed after her son Paul locked himself inside a confessional box at church, and firefighters were called to get him out.

“He was stuck in there for 10 minutes and by all reports, it was like he was channelling Damien from The Omen,” she said.

“He was losing his mind because he was in this teeny, tiny dark room with no window. They called the firies [fire brigade] and the police to come and break the door down to get him out.

“Everyone was trying to calm him down and kind of ‘talk him off the ledge’.

“They used an axe to break the door down.”

She went on to say: “When the firies came and they knocked the door down they were making all these completely inappropriate but hilarious jokes like, ‘Well this is probably the first time anyone has come out of the closet in this place, am I right guys?’”

Sarah admitted to facing criticism due to the incident.

“I've already had people ringing up saying I should control my kids and that I'm an absent mother, and if I was home more this wouldn't happen,” she said.