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"I don't want this": School photo fail brings unlikely joy

"I don't want this": School photo fail brings unlikely joy

One mum left the internet in stitches after she shared her 'mum fail' on the internet, summarising 2020 in one sentence: "I DON'T WANT THIS".

Brittany Kinley was excited when she learned her son Mason, whose in kindergarten, was able to physically attend school to get a school photo.

After Brittany filled out the online form for the photo, the form gave her an option to have her son's name underneath the photo.

She decided against this, and wrote 'I do not want this' in the section where his name was as it wouldn't let her leave that section blank on the form.

Brittany got the surprise of her life when she received her son's photos back, with "I DON'T WANT THIS" in capital letters underneath a sweet snap of her son.

She shared the incident on Facebook, where it quickly racked up more than 15,000 likes and 5,600 comments.

"I’m sure everyone needs a good laugh these days so thanks to my latest mom fail...you’re welcome in advance haha," she wrote.

"Mason got his kindergarten pictures and I didn’t want his name on the bottom so I typed in “I don’t want this” and they freaking printed this..."

She's glad people were able to sympathise with it.

"I've gotten so many messages from people saying they haven't laughed this hard all year and that it made their day," she told TODAY parents

"I never thought it would have that effect but I'm so glad we can spread laughter in a crazy time like this."