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Wed, 15 Aug, 2018Danielle McCarthy

Family of four! Tennis champ Mark Philippoussis and wife welcome second child

Family of four! Tennis champ Mark Philippoussis and wife welcome second child

Australian tennis star Mark Philippoussis and his wife Silvana Philippoussis have announced the happy news that they have welcomed their second child into the world.

The 41-year-old athlete shared a photo of his family while announcing the name of their baby daughter, Maia Maria Philippoussis.

"So incredibly happy, grateful and blessed to announce the birth of our little girl Maia Maria Philippoussis, born August 12th at 9:05pm, weighing 6.9lbs," he posted.

Mark and Silvana are already parents to their four-year-old son, Nicholas.

In an interview with Woman’s Day, Silvana shared how important it was to teach Nicholas his parents' family values.

The model mum said: "Number one, I want to instill strong family values. I tend to believe that a strong foundation can help you deal with whatever life has to throw at you.

"As long as he [Nicholas] feels love, he'll be able to open up and talk to me and Mark."

Days before she went into labour, Silvana shared a photo playing with Nicholas.

"Take time to tickle, To kiss and to hug; Take time to giggle, To talk and to love. Perhaps there's a lot That needs done today, But take just a minute To stop and to play..." she wrote.

This week is full of celebrations for the family, with Mark and Silvana also celebrating their five-year wedding anniversary.

"Happy Anniversary my love, 5 years! Words can't describe how much I love you and what you mean to me, thank you for your love and support, thank you for the mother you are to Nicholas and soon to be daughter, we are all so incredibly lucky and grateful," Mark shared.