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Fri, 1 Mar, 2019Courtney Allan

Dr Chris Brown's exciting announcement

Dr Chris Brown's exciting announcement

Dr Chris Brown has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to animals.

And now he's made an exciting announcement when it comes to the safety, tips and tricks around your furry favourites.

Chris has launched a new website called Drool, which focuses on providing reliable and trustworthy information about your furry friends.

He announced the big news of his website in a Facebook post to his followers. 

The caption read:

“I have some exciting news. Like that easily distracted Great Dane in puppy school, I’ve been a little slow to sit, stay and drop into the digital world.

“But I’ve realised I need a home for all my animal tips, tricks and inspiring stories. So welcome to Drool by Dr Chris Brown.

“There’s so much unreliable information out there on the internet so I wanted to do something about it," the popular TV personality added. 

Drool is where I’ll be uploading loads of content for you all to treat yourselves to.”

Fans are thrilled with the news, as the post reached 21,000 likes and had more than 800 comments.

A Chris Brown fan commented saying, “Love this. (I took my 6mth old Great Dane to puppy school and on the first day the instructor politely suggested it wasn’t for us and to just practice the lessons at home).”

One follower commented that they were excited about the launch of the website: “Look forward to some drool in my inbox!”

While another said, “What a great idea! Thank you for all the tips and advice you have given over the years.”

You’re able to sign up for yourself if you’d like tips, tricks and everything in-between sent directly to your inbox.

To sign up to Drool, click the link here