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Carrie Bickmore gets emotional over concerns for new baby

Carrie Bickmore gets emotional over concerns for new baby

The due date of Carrie Bickmore’s third child is just weeks away but the popular radio and TV host has candidly opened up regarding her worries about the looming birth.

Speaking on her radio show Carrie and Tommy for the last time before her maternity leave begins, the 37-year-old got teary as she discussed her concerns.

Bickmore revealed that she was mainly worried about the impact the new baby would have on the special bond between her other two children, Ollie, 11, and Evie, three.

“They’re so cute together,” Carrie said.

“They’re a little team. He (Ollie) never thought he was going to get a baby brother or sister and then he got a little sister and they’re seven years apart and they’re joined at the hip,” she continued.

“And I know families of three and I know they’ll all love each other so much, but I don’t want anything to happen to their bond. So it makes me a little sad,” she said.

Despite her concerns, The Project host said she was happy her family was growing.

“I’m very excited about my expanding family.

“Ollie thinks we’re having a boy and Evie thinks we’re having a girl so one of them is going to be very disappointed and one very excited," she added.

Carrie had Ollie with her first husband, Greg Lange, who sadly passed away in 2010 after suffering from brain cancer.

Evie was born after Carrie met her current partner, Chris Walker, who worked as a TV producer for The Project.

Last week, Carrie also temporarily said farewell to her chair on the panel of The Project in the lead up to the arrival of her new baby.