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Bert and Patti Newton's son Matt might finally return home

Bert and Patti Newton's son Matt might finally return home

Bert and Patti Newton's screenwriter son Matthew Newton has been living in New York City for the last few years.

However, as his alleged violent past was brought to light in the age of the #MeToo movement, it's been a struggle for the screenwriter to find work.

His young American wife Catherine wants to stay in NYC, but Matthew wants to return to Australia.

According to insiders, they told Woman's Day that the pair are at a "stalemate" as to what to do.

"For Cat, Manhattan is in her DNA and she'll never leave, no matter how bad it gets," says an insider.

Her career is also on the rise, a stark contrast to her partner.

"Cat went back to Columbia [University] last year and studied journalism," says a source.

"She's since worked for a local newspaper and recently was a co-producer on a documentary about a disabled fencing star. She has a lot of potential, and everyone knows her name because of her prominent family.

"If she moved to Australia she'd be back at square one in a country that isn't particularly fond of her husband for his past behaviour. She's not interested in moving there – and nor was Matthew, until recently."

Matthew is allegedly pushing for a move home, but it might not be near his parents.

"Their contact is reasonably limited to usually just quick phone calls keeping them in the loop of major life movements. But if he were to return, despite his mother's pleas for him to come to Melbourne and stay with them, he will most likely end up in Sydney.

"He used to live in Balmain and he longs for a quiet life by the harbour, away from the Manhattan craziness."