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Wed, 11 Jul, 2018Danielle McCarthy

Is this the strangest baby name ever?

Is this the strangest baby name ever?

While it seems some celebrities are competing for the most bizarre baby names, one mum has revealed how she was left baffled after her friend announced the name she had chosen for her baby daughter.

Writing on Netmums, Annalise said her friend had chosen the “strangest baby name EVER”, a name she had never encountered before.

The baby had been named “Abcde”, which Annalise was instructed to pronounce as “Ab-si-dee”.

She added: "I've never heard of this name before – has anyone else?"

The fellow parents on the online forum were as equally confused by the name, with one user writing: “It should be illegal to saddle children with names like that. Awful."

Another added: "That is the silliest name I've ever heard – but kudos for the imaginative pronunciation. Some parents are too cruel."

While some were not sure whether the name was a joke, others said it was “cruel” for the child.

One user joked: "It's great because if they have another they can call it fghij then the next klmno and so forth."

After hearing the name, one mum did research and surprisingly found that other children have been given the name Abcde.

In 2014, Vocativ reported that in the United Stales alone 328 girls had the name.

It is believed the name originated in Hawaii, where the first Abcde was born at Kona Hospital in October 1986.

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