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Wed, 18 Jan, 2017Georgia Dixon

4 signs your grandchild is being bullied

4 signs your grandchild is being bullied

Bullying is now such a problem amongst children that most schools have implemented anti-bullying campaigns to protect them.

It’s quite common for kids not to tell their parents that they are being bullied. But as a grandparent you can be a trusted adult that the child may feel comfortable enough to confide in.

But if your grandchild is being bullied but hasn’t told anyone yet, there are some ways that you might be able to spot the warning signs.

1. Changes in behaviour

If you’re normally well mannered and kind grandchild suddenly starts getting in trouble at school for misbehaving or fighting, or their grades slip for no apparent reason, this can be a sign that something is up. It’s also quite common for them to try and avoid certain things that used to cause no issue, such as football training or walking to school a certain way.

2. Avoiding school

If your usually school-loving grandchild starts complaining of stomach pains and says they don’t want to go to school, this can be because they are anxious about going into the territory where the bully is. They might even start skipping school altogether, which can get them in trouble with the principal.

3. Playing differently

Sometimes kids who are being bullied will start being quite rough in the way they play. If they do make believe games with stuffed toys or dolls they might even start ‘acting out’ the bullying with the actors. If the child mentions something about being hurt or teased, try to get some details before you speak to their parents.

4. Increased anxiety

If your grandchild starts saying that they are worried or scared, seems overly anxious or teary it could be a sign that they are holding onto a secret such as being bullied. Some children even start wetting the bed due to the anxiety they are feeling.

Try to speak to your grandchildren openly about bullying, and let them know that there is nothing that they can’t tell you. You could even relay an experience where you were bullied in some way and explain how you overcame it.

Kids need to know that they will be believed and supported if they confide in you in this way. Always take them seriously if they mention bullying to you, and decide on a plan of action together with their parents.

Have any of your grandchildren had to deal with being bullied? How did they cope?

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