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Why dogs turn around in circles before lying down

Why dogs turn around in circles before lying down

Bondi Vet’s much loved veterinarian, Dr Chris Brown reveals the reason why dogs turn around in circles so much before they lie down.

It seems like everyone has a pre-sleep routine. While the human version might include brushing your teeth or reading a book, the hairiest member of your family does something quite special. They spin around in circles before lying down. But have you ever wondered why?

Well, it's taken until 2016 to find out. The 'bed circles' were previously thought to be an instinctive call-back to a time where dogs needed to search around their sleep spot for predators. But researchers now believe that it's got more to do with ensuring a smoother sleep. Basically, dogs are spinning as a way of making their bed more comfortable. Thousands of years of sleeping in long grass taught them that circling is the best way to make a smooth, flattened 'nest'. And while their lives have become a lot more luxurious of late, this behaviour still remains when they take a lie down in your lounge room. I guess now everyone can rest easy...

Want to test the theory? Try putting a toy or ball UNDER their bed. Chances are when they climb in, they'll spin even more in an attempt to 'iron-out' the bump...

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