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In pictures: dating in days gone by

In pictures: dating in days gone by

Do you remember dating back in your younger years? It was a much simpler affair back then… just take a look. 

1. Picking the perfect song on the jukebox to impress your date

Choosing A Song On The Jukebox

2. A day at the beach meant you could show off a bit more skin (but not too much!)

Beah Dates

3. Do the twist!

The Twist

4. Cosying up in the car to “watch” a movie at the drive-in

Drive In

5. Sharing a drink was a sign the relationship was getting serious!

Sharing A Milkeshake

6. Asking your crush out to those teenage dances

Teenage Dance Halls

7. Spending hours getting your picture taken in the photo booths


8. Saying goodbye was never easy…


9. Mothers helped their sons look presentable on dates

Getting Ready For A Date

10. Lace wedding dresses (and cat eye glasses) were trendy 


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