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Fri, 27 Jul, 2018Over60

X-rated print found on mum’s favourite dress

X-rated print found on mum’s favourite dress

We all have our favourite go-to items of clothing in our wardrobe that we can always rely on to feel comfortable in while going out.

One mum had a go-to summer dress that she wore for years without ever realising that hidden in the pattern was a very risqué image.

When she noticed the rude picture for the first time, she was shocked that she had worn the dress to numerous functions without ever noticing the X-rated print.

One of her children shared a photo of the dress online and wrote: “My mum has been wearing this summer dress for years and no one noticed the pattern until now…”

The dress has brown, green and light blue flowers on a white background.

After carefully looking at the design, the silhouette of a curvy woman with her hands in her hair can be seen.

The image is repeated multiple times across the dress and cannot be unseen once it is spotted.

Did you spot the image on the dress straight away? Let us know in the comments below.