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Tue, 11 Jun, 2019Shannen Findlay

Woman admits Kmart undies “saved my life”

Woman admits Kmart undies “saved my life”

An Aussie woman has shared her hilarious method that got rid of a pack of youths lurking outside her home, and she owes all her thanks to her undies.

“Need security for your home? Wanting to scare people away?! Well I have the solution,” she wrote in a Facebook post alongside a picture of Kmart underwear.

The single mum of three had her nephew spending the night on a Friday evening when she heard loud voices and the sound of bottles smashing outside the house while she was trying to sleep.

“When I had discovered about 20 young youths outside my house, on my lawn I ran out, saying they are making noise and this is a small street and the police will be on their way, so bugga off,” the post read.

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Thankfully, they all “bolted,” she explained.

“Just as I was about to give myself a pat on the back, one kid shouted calling me a silly name, which reminded me I was naked.

“Yep! Well not 100 per cent but I did have these knickers on. Now not only are they comfy, it did scare those young youths away. Best money ever spent in Kmart I say.”

The hilarious experience gained online attraction where many claimed that was “the best story ever".

One user wrote: “We need to give cops Kmart undies.”

Another added: “You showed them!”