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Why Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring is so special to the royal family

Why Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring is so special to the royal family

While it is true Duchess Kate’s engagement ring is the most iconic and special pieces of jewellery to the royal family, it is not the only deeply meaningful one. 

While the Duchess of Cambridge - who announced alongside her then-fiance Prince William back in 2011 of their engagement - had an heirloom passed down from Princess Diana, Princess Eugenie has a special connection to her own ring. 

The pink centre stone made of large pink sapphire and surrounded by a halo of diamonds is a special nod to her parents, the Duke and Duchess of York. 

The stone which is called padparadscha sapphire, also referred to as a “lotus blossom sapphire,” is an incredibly rare stone that takes on a gorgeous hue from the red and yellow in the gem. 

The stone itself is estimated at a cost of AU$12,000 which is not including the intricate diamonds which makes up the halo. 

The design carries significant weight to Princess Eugenie, as it bears a striking resemblance to her mother’s very own engagement ring. 

The royal’s husband Jack Brooksbank designed the ring for his wife while keeping in mind his mother-in-law’s special jewellery collection and took inspiration from the piece Prince Andrew used when proposing to Sarah Ferguson in 1986. 

Fergie's beautiful ring was a Garrard & Co-design which featured 10 stunning diamonds surrounding a large ruby.

At the time, it was considered a beautiful contrast to that of Princess Diana’s own engagement ring, which was also designed by Garrard and had a stark blue sapphire. 

The pair were close pals for many years and it was just one of the many touching ways their different personalities complimented each other so well. 

Scroll through the gallery above to see Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring and how it compares to other members of the royal family.