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Thu, 7 Mar, 2019Shannen Findlay

What the Duchess of Cornwall and Princess Diana both wore

The Duchess of Cornwall has paid tribute to her royal predecessors by wearing an heirloom piece of jewellery that was once owned by Queen Alexandra.

The Duchess wore an antique diamond brooch, which was famously worn by the late Princess Diana, for an event celebrating Prince Charles’ 50th anniversary as the Prince of Wales on Tuesday.

Over 150 years old, the priceless emerald piece was accessorised perfectly with the bottle green Bruce Oldfield dress Duchess Camilla wore.

The jewel was first given as a wedding gift to Princess Alexandra of Denmark in 1863 by the Ladies of Bristol when she married the Prince of Wales, Bertie.

Following the Queen's death, the brooch was reported to have been handed down to her daughter-in-law Queen Mary and then onto the Queen Mother, who passed it down to Diana on her marriage to Prince Charles in 1981 – who was seen wearing it as a necklace.

Upon Princess Diana’s death in 1997, the priceless item would have been handed back to the Queen and is considered property of the monarch.

The emerald jewel was worn by Princess Diana at Burgtheater in Vienne whilst on a state visit with her then-husband Prince Charles.

She had turned the dazzling brooch into a necklace with a pair of matching emerald earrings when she attended the gala.

The heirloom piece is made up of a cabouchon teardrop emerald pendant, which dangles from an oval of diamonds with the infamous three-feathered insignia of the Prince of Wales inside.

The words Ice Dien (I serve) can be read below the diamond-studded coronet.

The heirloom was first worn publicly by Duchess Camilla at a London film premiere in 2006, and then again at Cheltenham festival in 2012.

Among the guests attending the celebration of Prince Charles on Tuesday were leading figures in Welsh and UK public life. Representatives of the Prince’s Welsh charities and patronages were also in attendance.

The Prince’s Trust Cymru, Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod and the BBC National Orchestra & Chorus of Wales were just a few guests who attended the event.

The Archibishop of Canterbury was also at the party to give a speech to mark the anniversary.

Scroll through the gallery above to see the Duchess of Cornwall and Princess Diana wearing the precious jewel.