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Vogue editor votes Camilla as the “best dressed royal” over Kate and Meghan

Duchess Kate and Duchess Meghan are well known for their fashion looks and creating shopping frenzies for clothing items they are seen wearing.

However, one British fashion stylish and editor at Vogue believes the Duchess of Cornwall’s style is the one to look out for.

Secrets of the Royal Dressmaker is a show that premiered in the UK last night and it claimed the Vogue editor Edward Enninful is apparently a big fan of Camilla’s clothing.

Although Prince William and Prince Harry’s wives can boast an upward of $300,000 in fashion sales per year, Enninful wants to secure Camilla as his next royal magazine cover star.

In April 2016, the Duchess of Cambridge was British Vogue’s centenary cover star, so if her mother-in-law was to be on the next cover, she would be following in her daughter-in-law’s footsteps.

Princess Diana also graced the cover a number of times before she died in 1997, as well as Princess Margaret and Lady Helen Taylor – the Duke and Duchess of Kent’s daughter.

Royal correspondent Emily Andrews said the royal member is admired by Enninful for her fashion taste.

“Edward Enninful, who's the new editor of Vogue, adores Camilla, he thinks she's the best-dressed royal,” she explained.

“He thinks she's gorgeous and he wants to put her on the cover of Vogue.”

The Duchess of Cambridge stole the spotlight for the Vogue cover of June 2016 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of British Vogue.

Duchess Kate followed the footsteps of Princess Diana who was on the magazine cover a total number of four times.

Much like her young daughter-in-law, Camilla enjoys a “classic plain” look over a glamorous frock, says Royal author Claudia Joseph.

“Camilla, like Kate, is much happier in jeans and wellies playing with her grandchildren and dogs than she is in posh frocks,” she said.

“She wears quite traditional clothing, elegant, tailored, not showing too much flesh.”

Scroll through the gallery above to see the Duchess of Cornwall’s fashion looks throughout the years.